Indian Hotels Company Limited (IHCL), is one of the fastest growing and the largest hospitality brand in South Asia. Under Ahvaan 2025, which is our three-pronged strategy of re-engineering margins, re-imagining brandscape and re-structuring our portfolio, IHCL, aims to grow profitably in the coming years while building a portfolio of 300+ hotels, clocking 33% EBITDA margin with 35% EBITDA share contribution from new businesses and management fees by FY 2025-26.

The Materials department plays a crucial role in ensuring our scalability and is an integral component of our overall operations and expenditure. Therefore, a thorough assessment and review of our materials infrastructure, processes, and systems are essential in determining our capacity to support, expand, and maintain global operations successfully.

IHCL engages third party vendors for fulfilling its requirements for supply of goods or services.

Our Top Vendors

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IHCL – Top Vendors 2022-23

Vendors are an integral part of our business as they ensure smooth functioning of our operations. 

Apart from complying with the statutory requirements, the vendor is also required to ensure that the manpower deployed by them conduct their roles safely on IHCL sites without endangering health and safety of their manpower or that of our employees and guests. 

Sourcing & Quality

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Sourcing & Quality

Supply Chain Engagement

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IHCL Supply Chain Engagement Policy


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Sustainable Procurement Policy

The steps for the engagement of vendors at IHCL

Registration of New Vendors

All vendors need to be empaneled before they are engaged by IHCL.

Issuing Request for Quotation (RFQ) and Purchase Order (PO)

When IHCL floats tenders or RFQ for any requirement or job, IHCL should ensure that qualified vendors are empaneled before they are awarded the contract and issued a PO.

Vendor Evaluation

IHCL should ensure that every vendor that engages with us should have their performance evaluated to ensure that only the most suitable vendors who add real value to the organization are retained for the future.

IHCL Safety Policy

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Supplier Policy

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Contractor Policy

Other Policies

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Responsible Sourcing
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IHCL – Electronic Equipment Sourcing Guidelines

For any further details or interest in supplying products and/or services to the IHCL , please contact us on